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0dAI is an AI-powered cybersecurity tool offering expert assistance, threat analysis, and seamless protection.

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0dAI is a revolutionary AI-powered tool designed to provide unparalleled cybersecurity assistance. It is a trusted co-pilot for cybersecurity professionals, offering proactive threat analysis, access to data breaches, and fast answers. Designed specifically for pentesting and cybersecurity, 0dAI has the ability to consult sources of updated technical information and use contextual information from each interaction to tailor responses and recommendations.

Developed by a team of experts, 0dAI is supported by daily work, making it easier with superpowers. It integrates advanced hacking tools like SQLMap, Nuclei, Dehashed, Shodan, Censys, nomore403, WAF-bypass, CheckPhish, and more. It is perfect for teamwork and sharing resources, and is trained with millions of high-quality data, constantly evolving.

0dAI is not just for hackers. It is also trained to help in writing daily code in languages like Curl, Python, Javascript, and many others. It can search Shodan for SMBs without authentication, check for leaks, and much more. It is much more than a redesigned model or a GPT jailbreak, offering extensive advantages over other models and GPT-3.5 Jailbreak.

0dAI is available in both professional and standard plans, offering access to all professional features, unlimited access to 0dAPI, data exclusion guarantee, and dedicated 24/7 customer support.

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