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AnyPicker is a visual web scraper that allows you to extract web data without any code. It offers complete data privacy and bypasses 'anti-scraping' technology.

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About the application AnyPicker

AnyPicker is a visual web scraper that simplifies the process of web data extraction. With just a few clicks, users can set extraction rules and gather data from various websites.

Background and Development

AnyPicker is developed by RYANG STUDIO, with a design inspired by GMASS, a renowned Gmail tool. The tool has been designed to be user-friendly, requiring no third-party software and operating as a lightweight Chrome extension.

Core Features and Capabilities

AnyPicker offers a range of features that make web scraping a breeze. Users can visualize extraction rules, export data to spreadsheets, and enjoy complete data privacy. The tool also allows users to bypass website 'anti-scraping' technology, scrape multiple pages at once, and preview scraping results in real-time.

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