Assembo.AI offers AI-driven product photography and videos for ecommerce, enhancing your online presence and boosting sales.

Key Details of ASSEMBO.AI



About the application ASSEMBO.AI

Assembo.AI is a groundbreaking tool that leverages artificial intelligence to create stunning product photos and videos for ecommerce. With over 500,000 AI photoshoots created, it offers an easy and efficient solution for ecommerce photography.

Background and Development

Assembo.AI was built by Team Assembo with a vision to revolutionize ecommerce photography. The tool has been developed to optimize product photos for platforms like Amazon and Shopify, making it a valuable asset for online retailers.

Core Features and Capabilities

Assembo.AI offers AI Product Photos and Product Videos, created in just a minute. It also provides AI-generated models and aesthetic product photoshoots, ideal for social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

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