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Botcast AI transforms your podcast into an interactive experience, increasing audience engagement and unlocking new monetization opportunities.

Key Details of Botcast AI

Botcast AI


About the application Botcast AI

Botcast AI is a revolutionary tool that turns your podcast into an interactive experience. It allows listeners to search through all your content instantly, boosting engagement and building deeper connections.

Background and Development

Developed by The Skribled Lab Pte. Ltd., Botcast AI is designed to enhance the podcast listening experience. It provides full transcripts of your episodes, turning them into an AI-powered Q&A where listeners can inquire about any topic across your entire episode library.

Core Features and Capabilities

Botcast AI offers a range of features including bite-sized summaries, citations with each answer, and an analytics dashboard. It also provides a balance between monetization and listener satisfaction with personalized ads based on listener queries and searches.

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