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Coach, an AI-powered career development tool, offers personalized guidance for career readiness, from exploring career paths to job preparation.

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About the application Coach

Coach is an AI-powered career development tool designed to support learners at every stage of their career journey. It provides personalized guidance and resources for career exploration, skills development, post-secondary and job preparation, and much more.

Background and Development

Coach is a product of CareerVillage, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It was developed in collaboration with a coalition of mission-driven educators, nonprofits, and workforce boards, with the aim of making career readiness a reality for all.

Core Features and Capabilities

Coach offers a wide range of features to support career development. It provides details on thousands of careers, helps identify necessary skills, assists in finding college matches or exploring alternative pathways, and prepares learners for job applications and interviews.

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