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Detecting AI is a powerful tool for identifying AI-generated content with high accuracy and user-friendly interface.

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  • June 11, 2024
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Detecting AI


About the application Detecting AI

Detecting AI is a revolutionary tool designed to identify AI-generated content with unparalleled precision. This tool is trusted by experts for its superior AI content identification capabilities.

Background and Development

Detecting AI was developed after analyzing over 1 billion articles and texts, including those generated by AI and those written by humans. This extensive research led to the creation of an algorithm that boasts an impressive accuracy rate of 98% in text detection.

Core Features and Capabilities

Detecting AI offers high detection accuracy and AI detection highlighting. It provides comprehensive coverage of various AI models, enabling it to identify AI-generated content created by various models like ChatGPT, Gemini, Jasper, Claude, and others.

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