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Display Gate Guard is an AI-powered tool that helps advertisers choose the right placements, isolate fraudulent websites, and improve brand safety.

Key Details of Display Gate Guard

Display Gate Guard


About the application Display Gate Guard

Display Gate Guard is an innovative tool that leverages artificial intelligence to help advertisers optimize their ad placements. It offers a unique solution to the challenges of brand safety and suitability in the digital advertising landscape.

Background and Development

Developed in partnership with Microsoft for Startups, Display Gate Guard has evolved to become a trusted solution for advertisers. It has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness, with users reporting lower bounce rates, potential for saving ad budget, and longer time spent per visit.

Core Features and Capabilities

Display Gate Guard offers a range of features including Placement Audits, Black- and Whitelisting, and Placement Reports. These features help advertisers to improve costs, enhance brand safety, and ensure that their ads are displayed on websites that align with their values.

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