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dwim is a low/no-code platform powered by AI, simplifying complex software development.

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About the application Dwim

dwim, an acronym for 'do what i mean', is a revolutionary platform that is transforming the way software is built. It is a low/no-code platform that allows all stakeholders, including engineering, design, and business, to focus on the 'big picture', while AI takes care of the implementation details.

Background and Development

Developed by Deronyan, LLC, dwim is a testament to the power of AI in software development. The platform was created with the vision of simplifying complex software development processes and allowing developers to focus on what truly matters - modeling, development, and specifications.

Core Features and Capabilities

With dwim, stakeholders can stop worrying about infra, deployments, backwards compatibility, refactoring, compliance, and more. The AI takes care of these aspects, allowing the team to focus on the bigger picture.

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