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EnhanceAI offers easy-to-integrate AI autocomplete for your website, enhancing user experience with AI-powered forms, surveys, and text inputs.

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About the application EnhanceAI

EnhanceAI is a revolutionary tool that allows you to add AI autocomplete to any website in just 2 minutes. This tool is designed to enhance your user's experience with AI-powered forms, surveys, text inputs, and more. With just 2 lines of code, you can integrate any GPT model.

Background and Development

EnhanceAI was developed with the aim of making AI integration simple and accessible. It has quickly gained popularity, with over 186 stars on GitHub and more than 250k completions.

Core Features and Capabilities

EnhanceAI integrates with all major no-code tools and UI frameworks including Wix, Bubble, Webflow, Framer, and Shopify. It offers customization features, analytics, and support, all for the same token pricing as OpenAI’s models.

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