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GitRoll, an AI-driven tool, revolutionizes tech hiring by validating and vetting global IT talents through their coding portfolios.

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About the application GitRoll

GitRoll is a game-changing tool in the technical hiring landscape. It leverages big data and AI to offer a cost-effective solution for discovering skilled IT talents globally. GitRoll eliminates the need for traditional assessments, focusing instead on the quality of code to determine a candidate's skills.

Background and Development

GitRoll was developed with the vision to transform the technical hiring process. The team behind GitRoll is passionate about making the recruitment process more efficient and unbiased. The tool has been instrumental in screening a large number of candidates for various tech positions.

Core Features and Capabilities

GitRoll supports a wide range of tech stacks including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Front-end Libraries (React, Vue etc.), Kotlin, Jupyter Notebook and Python. It provides data-driven insights into hard skills like bugs, vulnerabilities, bad practices, and soft skills like collaboration and peer reviews.

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