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Greptile is an AI-powered tool that understands your codebase, providing context-aware comments on PRs, enriching issues, and answering technical questions.

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About the application Greptile

Greptile is the first AI tool that truly understands your codebase. It provides context-aware comments on every PR, catches potential issues that human reviewers might miss, and enriches issues with context-based tips. It also answers technical questions where your team lives, making it a live, up-to-date, and always-awake assistant.

Background and Development

Greptile was developed by a team of AI Staff Engineers with the aim of simplifying the code review process and making contributing to projects easier. It has been adopted by several companies and has received positive reviews from users.

Core Features and Capabilities

Greptile offers several features including PR Auto-Reviewer, Issue Bot, Slack Expert, Ticket Enricher, and Docs Auto-Updater. It can also be integrated with Quip or Google Docs to add codebase-aware comments, spotting gaps and considerations before programming begins.

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