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Supercharge your research papers with Jenni's AI-powered text editor. Write, edit, and cite with confidence, saving hours on your next paper. Trusted by over 3 million academics worldwide.

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About the application Jenni

Jenni is an AI-powered text editor designed to supercharge your next research paper. It is a tool that helps you write, edit, and cite with confidence, saving you hours on your next paper. Loved by over 3 million academics, Jenni is trusted by universities and businesses across the world.

Background and Development

Jenni was developed with the aim of enhancing research and writing capabilities. It has evolved over time, incorporating powerful features that are built to enhance your research and writing capabilities. It has been adopted by a wide range of institutions, including Meta, Google, Penn, Cambridge University, MIT, and Aston University.

Core Features and Capabilities

Jenni offers a range of features including the ability to write, cite, and edit. It provides a library of recent research, in-text citations in various styles, AI autocomplete, chat to your research, drag and drop PDFs, generate from your files, paraphrase & rewrite, bulk import sources via .bib, LaTeX and Word export, outline builder, multilingual support, and a research library.

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