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Kaedim combines machine learning and artistry to deliver production-quality 3D assets in minutes, saving game studios time and money.

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  • May 20, 2024
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About the application Kaedim

Kaedim is a revolutionary tool that leverages machine learning and an in-house art team to deliver production-quality 3D assets in minutes. This tool is designed to save game studios both time and money by streamlining the asset creation process.

Background and Development

Kaedim was developed with the aim of transforming 3D content creation pipelines for games and beyond. It is backed by leaders in both gaming and AI, including Pioneer Fund, A16Z, Epic MegaGrants, Nvidia Inception, Google, and Rebellion.

Core Features and Capabilities

Kaedim offers a unique feature of generating 3D models from an image or description input. The AI kicks off the creation process based on the inputs, and a Kaedim artist reviews and refines the output for optimal quality. The model is then ready for download within minutes.

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