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Keploy is an open-source platform that converts API calls into test cases with data mocks, enhancing test coverage and efficiency.

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About the application Keploy

Keploy is a groundbreaking tool that transforms the way developers handle API testing. It offers a unique approach by converting API calls into test cases with data mocks, providing a comprehensive and efficient testing solution.

Background and Development

Keploy was developed with the aim to simplify and optimize API testing. Recognizing the challenges in maintaining test automation suites and the inefficiencies in manual test writing, the Keploy team designed a platform that automates these processes, saving developers valuable time and effort.

Core Features and Capabilities

Keploy boasts several distinctive features. It allows users to record and replay complex, distributed API flows as mocks and stubs, effectively serving as a 'time machine' for tests. It also has the capability to detect and remove duplicate tests, making it an ideal tool for large teams.

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