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Lex, a new-age word processor, offers a premium writing experience with AI feedback, live collaboration, and more.

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  • June 4, 2024
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About the application Lex

Lex is a groundbreaking word processor that transforms the way you write. It's not just about typing words; it's about crafting brilliance with ease and efficiency.

Background and Development

Lex was born out of a desire to make writing a more seamless and enjoyable process. After raising a $2.75M seed round, the team behind Lex set out to create a tool that would redefine the writing experience.

Core Features and Capabilities

Lex is packed with features designed to enhance your writing. It offers AI feedback, allowing you to get instant suggestions and ideas. The live collaboration feature lets you share your work with others in real-time. You can also publish your work with a read-only link, and the mobile web feature means you can work from anywhere.

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