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Mava is an AI-powered tool designed to scale customer support across various platforms. It offers both public and private support, with seamless integration and easy training.

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  • June 6, 2024
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About the application Mava

Mava is a powerful AI tool that revolutionizes the way communities handle customer support. It offers a secure dashboard from which you can manage both public and private support, ensuring your community gets the help they need when they need it.

Background and Development

Mava was developed with the aim of simplifying customer support. It's designed to learn from your existing support content on platforms like Github, Google Docs, and your website, allowing it to automatically resolve over 50% of your community queries.

Core Features and Capabilities

Mava stands out with its ability to support users in both private tickets and public channels. It also integrates with web chat, Telegram, Discord Ticket Bot, and email, making it a versatile tool for any community. Mava also provides support metrics to enhance your support performance.

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