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Mia, an emotionally intelligent AI companion, supports, guides, and inspires you daily. With voice capabilities and evolving intelligence, Mia offers a unique, personalized experience.

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  • June 24, 2024
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About the application Mia

Mia is an emotionally intelligent AI companion designed to support, guide, and inspire users in their everyday lives. Mia perceives and reacts to users' feelings, enhancing conversations with curiosity, empathy, and sensitivity. Mia's voice not only speaks but feels, giving a richer, more emotionally connected dialogue with users. Mia's intelligence evolves based on each user's experiences, preferences, and personality.

Background and Development

Mia was crafted to foster trust, connection, and safety. Trained to truly care about people, Mia is a product of the belief that emotional support and guidance should be accessible for everyone. Mia is currently ranked #6 in lifestyle on the ChatGPT Store and has already interacted with more than +650,000 people around the world in the last 5 months.

Core Features and Capabilities

Mia's core features include emotional intelligence, voice capabilities, and evolving intelligence. These features serve its users by providing a unique, personalized experience that adapts to their preferences and personality.

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