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MLflow is an open-source platform for managing end-to-end Machine Learning and Generative AI workflows, offering a unified solution for both traditional ML and GenAI applications.

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About the application MLflow

MLflow is a comprehensive platform designed to simplify the process of running Machine Learning and Generative AI projects. It offers a unified, end-to-end solution, making it easier to build better models and generative AI applications.

Background and Development

MLflow was developed with the aim of solving complex, real-world challenges. It has grown to become a widely used platform, with thousands of users worldwide, including major companies like Microsoft, Meta, and Toyota.

Core Features and Capabilities

MLflow offers a range of features to streamline the entire ML and generative AI lifecycle. These include experiment tracking, visualization, model management, and more. It also provides tools for improving generative AI quality, tracking progress during fine tuning, and securely hosting LLMs at scale.

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