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Monica Recherche is an AI-powered search tool that transforms your new tab into a dynamic, feature-rich search center.

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About the application Monica

Monica Recherche is an innovative tool that revolutionizes your browsing experience by integrating advanced AI technology into your search process. This tool replaces your traditional new tab with a dynamic, AI-enhanced interface that offers a variety of quick and useful features.

Background and Development

Monica Recherche is developed by Stack Network Limited, a professional developer as per the European Union's definition. The tool has been updated last on 12th April 2024, with the current version being 1.2.0.

Core Features and Capabilities

Monica Recherche offers free access to GPT AI technology for efficient and accurate searches. It provides a comprehensive AI search where the AI analyzes your question, uses relevant search keywords, and summarizes various result entries to find the answer. It also offers a choice of search engines based on your personal preferences.

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