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OpnForm is an open-source tool for creating beautiful, customizable forms in seconds. No coding required. Unlimited forms, fields, and responses.

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OpnForm is a revolutionary tool that allows users to create beautiful forms and share them anywhere. It's super fast, and you don't need to know how to code. With OpnForm, you can build a form in just 2 minutes, share it via a unique link or embed it on your website, and start receiving submissions instantly.

OpnForm was developed with the aim of making form creation easy and accessible to everyone. It offers a generous unlimited free plan, and its features include more than 10 input types, images, logic, and much more. The tool also provides notifications, allowing users to receive updates directly in Slack or in their mailbox whenever a new submission is made.

One of the standout features of OpnForm is its AI-powered form builder, which can generate a fully working form in seconds based on a simple description. This feature, along with the tool's customizability and ease of use, sets OpnForm apart from other form builders in the market.

OpnForm also offers a Pro version with additional features tailored to the advanced needs of teams and creators. These include form confirmation emails, Slack and Discord notifications, editable submissions, custom domains, larger file uploads, and priority support.

Looking ahead, OpnForm continues to innovate and evolve, with plans to introduce more features and improvements based on user feedback. The tool's impact on the industry is significant, and its future looks promising.

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