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QuantConnect is an open-source financial technology platform that offers a unified API for research, backtesting, and live trading on a leading algorithmic trading platform.

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  • May 23, 2024
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About the application QuantConnect

QuantConnect is a cutting-edge platform that is paving the future of trading. It provides a suite of cloud-based tools to research investment approaches, assess strategies with backtesting, and deploy them to maximize returns. With a community of over 290K quants and processing over $1B in volume per month, it is a leading platform in the financial technology sector.

Background and Development

QuantConnect was developed with the aim of providing powerful financial tools for every stage of a quant's journey. It offers a complete suite of tools that are designed to help users find alpha in a rapidly expanding universe of data.

Core Features and Capabilities

QuantConnect provides a unified API for research, backtesting, and live trading. It offers cloud-based research terminals, backtesting capabilities, parameter optimization, and live trading features. It also allows users to easily deploy their strategies to co-located servers near major exchanges.

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