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Readvox is a text to speech reader with natural AI voices. It's a Chrome extension that reads texts on web pages for you.

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About the application Readvox

Readvox is a revolutionary tool that brings the power of natural AI voices to your browser. With this Chrome extension, you can have any text on web pages read out loud to you, making it a perfect companion for multitaskers, language learners, or anyone who prefers listening over reading.

Background and Development

Readvox is developed by Fenvox™, a company dedicated to enhancing user experience with innovative solutions. The tool has been meticulously designed to provide a seamless text to speech experience, with a focus on natural sounding voices.

Core Features and Capabilities

Readvox offers a range of features that make it stand out from other text to speech tools. It allows users to handpick what to listen to by selecting the text and clicking play. Users can also choose their favorite voice by clicking on the reader avatar, with a star indicating a natural voice and no star indicating a system voice.

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