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Roe AI is a powerful tool for data analytics, offering hybrid search capabilities, AI data agents, and cost observability.

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  • July 9, 2024
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Roe AI


About the application Roe AI

Roe AI is a revolutionary tool designed to simplify data analytics. It offers a unique blend of hybrid search capabilities and AI data agents, making it a go-to solution for data teams.

Background and Development

Roe AI is backed by a team of experts passionate about data analytics. The tool has been developed with a focus on unstructured data, enabling teams to build semantic search indexes with ease.

Core Features and Capabilities

Roe AI stands out with its hybrid search feature, which combines semantic with metadata search, delivering precise search results. It also offers a fleet of AI agents for analyzing complex data like documents and videos. These agents are fully configurable and can be commanded via Roe SQL.

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