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Sead is an intelligent tool that turns your articles into podcasts, allowing you to save time and read smarter. It features AI-powered reading and translation into any language.

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About the application Sead

Sead is a revolutionary tool that transforms your reading experience by converting articles into podcasts. This innovative approach allows users to save time, read smarter, and reduce screen time. With Sead, you can listen to your articles instead of reading them, making it easier to multitask and understand complex ideas more deeply.

Background and Development

Sead was developed with the aim of enhancing the reading experience by leveraging the power of AI. The tool has been designed to help users save reading time, deepen understanding, and multitask efficiently.

Core Features and Capabilities

Sead comes with a range of features that set it apart from other tools in the market. It allows users to store articles, blogs, and videos in one place. The Sead AI summarizes key points from your saved content, making it easier to grasp complex ideas. The tool also offers personal podcasts, automatic translation into any language, and seamless syncing with Pocket and Instapaper.

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