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ShotSolve is a free Mac app that uses GPT-4o to answer questions based on your screenshots. It's fast, intuitive, and integrates well with other services.

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About the application ShotSolve

ShotSolve is a revolutionary tool that allows you to take a screenshot and quickly ask GPT-4o about it. Developed by Daniel, an AI app builder, ShotSolve is designed to make information extraction from images as simple as possible.

Background and Development

The idea for ShotSolve came about after the release of the GPT-4 Vision API. It was initially developed to help customers generate and preview code from their Figma documents. Over time, it has evolved to solve a wide range of questions, making it a versatile tool for various applications.

Core Features and Capabilities

ShotSolve is a native Mac app that offers a familiar UI, universal shortcut keys, and super-fast performance on Apple M1/M2. It supports custom font and line spacing, allows setting context limit, and offers advanced GPT parameters. It also ensures privacy and security by storing your API Key securely in Apple Keychain and sending your prompts directly to OpenAI server.

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