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Trademark Owl is a self-service, AI-powered platform for trademark registration. It offers quality control, true self-service, and transparent pricing.

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  • July 4, 2024
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Trademark Owl


About the application Trademark Owl

Trademark Owl is a leading self-service, AI-powered, trademark registration platform designed to make the process of protecting your brand simple and efficient. It offers a step-by-step guide using tutorials and analytics to help you file a quality application.

Background and Development

Trademark Owl is a forms processing company, not a law firm. It was developed with the aim of saving time, money, and headaches associated with traditional trademark registration processes.

Core Features and Capabilities

Trademark Owl offers a 100% self-service platform, AI at your fingertips, built-in search, and transparent pricing. It allows you to complete your application in approximately 15 minutes, saving delays at the USPTO.

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