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Twinr is a no-code platform that converts any website into mobile apps for Android and iOS, supporting all major platforms with premium features.

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About the application Twinr

Twinr is a revolutionary tool that allows users to convert their websites into mobile apps for Android and iOS in just a few minutes. With a 100% app approval guarantee, Twinr supports all website to mobile app conversions, regardless of the technology used for the website. It is designed to cater to business owners who care about their business, website, and app, rather than the underlying technology.

Background and Development

Twinr was developed with the aim of simplifying the process of turning a website into a mobile app. It supports a wide range of platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Squarespace, Dukaan, Wix, and many others. The tool has been used by businesses in 198 countries, saving over 100,000 man hours and 1 million in costs.

Core Features and Capabilities

Twinr offers a plethora of features to enhance user experience and monetize apps. It supports personalized push notifications, abandoned push notifications, Google AdMob, app onboarding, in-app purchases, and multi-language support. It also provides a guide to users on how to convert their website into an app, with best practices for each step of the process.

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