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AI Revolution in League of Legends: Enhancing Co-op vs AI Mode

AI Revolution in League of Legends: Enhancing Co-op vs AI Mode

The world of League of Legends (LoL) is evolving with the introduction of a sophisticated bot AI in the Co-op vs AI mode. This update, set to debut in patch 14.6, promises to redefine how players interact with and learn from AI opponents. Spearheaded by the dedicated Bots Team at Riot Games, these enhancements aim to create a more realistic and engaging gameplay experience.

A New Era of Bots

After a brief hiatus, the bots are back with significant improvements. Darcy "DashiJador" Ludington, along with her team, has announced that these changes will impact all levels of Co-op vs AI: Intro, Beginner, and Advanced queues. The goal is to make these modes a valuable learning ground for new players while offering a low-stress environment for veterans to enjoy.

Insights from the PBE

The development of this new AI was heavily influenced by player feedback from the Public Beta Environment (PBE). Over the past six months, the team has:

  • Fixed over 80 bugs reported by players.
  • Enhanced bot itemization, movement, and combat behaviors.
  • Implemented the use of environmental elements like Blast Cone, Honeyfruit, and Scryer's Bloom.
  • Expanded the bot champion pool.
  • Improved difficulty ramping between Intro and Beginner queues.
  • Made numerous performance and infrastructure updates for better future enhancements.

What Players Can Expect

The revamped bots aim to offer an experience closer to actual PvP games. Key improvements include:

  • Enhanced Learning: Bots are designed to help players understand the game mechanics better, with behaviors mimicking real player actions.
  • Advanced Capabilities: Bots can now jungle, rotate between lanes, and take map objectives, providing a more comprehensive gameplay experience.
  • Faster Iterations: The updated infrastructure allows developers to iterate and improve bot behaviors quickly, ensuring continuous improvements.

Reporting Bugs

Despite these advancements, bots may still encounter bugs. Players are encouraged to report any issues through the LoL Bug Reporter or Player Support channels to help refine the AI further.

Future Directions

The Bots Team is committed to ongoing improvements, focusing on:

  • Bug Fixes: Continuously identifying and resolving bugs.
  • Custom Games: Introducing the new bots to custom games and phasing out the old system.
  • Tutorial Enhancements: Updating the tutorial experience with the new AI.
  • Player Collaboration: Working closely with players to fine-tune bot behaviors.
  • Champion Specifics: Making bots for specific champions feel more true to their real gameplay.


The updates to Co-op vs AI in League of Legends represent a significant step forward in creating a more immersive and educational environment for players. Whether you're a new player looking to learn the ropes or a veteran seeking a low-stress way to enjoy the game, these bots are designed to enhance your experience. Stay tuned to patch notes for ongoing updates and dive into the new Co-op vs AI mode to experience these changes firsthand.

See you on the Rift!


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