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Addy is an AI-powered tool that revolutionizes your email experience, saving you hours per week by prioritizing, summarizing, and drafting emails.

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About the application Addy

Addy is an AI-powered email tool designed to save you hours per week. It prioritizes your inbox, summarizes key details, and drafts perfect emails in seconds. Trusted by over 10,000 professionals, Addy is the solution to email overload.

Background and Development

Addy was developed with the aim of transforming the email experience. It uses advanced AI algorithms to learn user preferences and highlight the most important emails, tasks, and upcoming events.

Core Features and Capabilities

Addy offers a range of features including prioritized emails, daily summaries, instant follow-ups, and scheduled events. It also supports integrations with Outlook, Yahoo, and Gmail, allowing users to transfer all their emails to Addy and start working instantly.

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