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Albus is an AI-powered platform that offers a range of services including image generation, audio narration, document insights, and more.

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About the application Albus

Albus is an AI-powered platform designed to streamline the process of exploring, learning, and creating with AI. It offers a range of services including image generation with SDXL and DALL-E, AI voices in 112 languages, PDF intelligence, image/audio insights, and more.

Background and Development

Albus was developed with the aim of taking the load off professionals who deal with knowledge and ideas daily. It uses large language models and machine learning services to process a vast amount of information, acting as a mind companion on a screen.

Core Features and Capabilities

Albus offers a range of features including breaking down complex topics, expanding ideas in context, developing your train of thought, turning images into insights, and re-imagining visuals. It also offers document productivity, allowing users to upload and read PDF documents, turn selected texts into notes, images, and audio with one click.

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