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ArchiVinci is an AI-powered tool transforming sketches into realistic architectural renders. It offers features like Sketch to Render, Redesign, and Masterplan Coloring.

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About the application ArchiVinci

ArchiVinci is an innovative AI tool designed to revolutionize the architectural design process. It transforms sketches into realistic architectural renders, offering a range of features including Sketch to Render, Redesign, and Masterplan Coloring.

Background and Development

ArchiVinci was developed with the aim of enhancing the architectural design process. The tool has evolved significantly, with the upcoming ArchiVinci 2.0 promising more precision, realism, and better texture.

Core Features and Capabilities

ArchiVinci offers a variety of features. The Sketch to Render feature allows users to choose different styles such as Daylight, Photorealism, Cinematic, and Beyond. The Redesign feature generates architectural designs from just an image or a 3D model screenshot in seconds. The Masterplan Coloring feature adds vibrant, realistic colors to your masterplans.

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