ASK BOSCO® is an AI tool that consolidates data for easy reporting and predicts media spend allocation for maximum return.

Key Details of ASK BOSCO®

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  • June 9, 2024
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About the application ASK BOSCO®

ASK BOSCO® is a revolutionary tool that connects all your data for easy reporting and predicts where to allocate your media spend for maximum return. It enables you to plan budgets and forecast your future performance with 96% accuracy.

Background and Development

ASK BOSCO® was developed with the aim of improving and customizing the browsing experience of users. It uses cookies to collect information about user interaction and uses this information for analytics and metrics.

Core Features and Capabilities

ASK BOSCO® combines your internal marketing data with extensive algorithmic modelling to create personalized reporting dashboards. It uses statistical modelling and advanced machine learning to create recommended media budget plans for success.

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