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BuildBox 4 is an AI-powered game engine that lets you create games by simply typing. No coding required.

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About the application BuildBox 4

BuildBox 4 is a revolutionary game development tool that leverages the power of AI to make game creation as simple as typing. With BuildBox 4, anyone can create stunning, interactive games without any coding knowledge.

Background and Development

Developed by AppOnboard, Inc, BuildBox 4 is the latest iteration of the BuildBox series, known for its user-friendly interface and powerful features. The tool has been instrumental in the creation of over 40,000 new games every month, with games built on BuildBox being regularly featured by Apple.

Core Features and Capabilities

BuildBox 4 comes with a host of features that make game creation a breeze. The AI Scene Generation feature lets you build your game's world with words. Just type in what scene you want, and watch it come to life. The AI Node Creation feature allows the AI to modify nodes with game logic or even write custom nodes for you.

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