BYOB simplifies complex data-work, converting analysis into action. It's your AI analyst for every department, delivering real-time actionable insights.

Key Details of BYOB

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  • June 16, 2024
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About the application BYOB

BYOB, short for Build Your Own Brain, is an AI analyst tool designed to enhance decision-making processes across various departments in an organization. It's a tool that empowers departments to convert any data, structured or unstructured, into insights without expanding the data team.

Background and Development

BYOB is a product of Akaike Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a company trusted by many for its innovative AI solutions. The tool was developed with the aim of increasing analyst bandwidth, thus powering up decision-making processes.

Core Features and Capabilities

BYOB has the ability to connect multiple data sources, automatically sorting, organizing, and building a knowledge repository. It trains itself to have as much context as possible and delivers analytics and real-time actionable insights after accessing key metrics and patterns. It also features a seamless chat interface for follow-up questions on data.

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