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CarperAI, a democratized AI research team, is pushing the boundaries of preference learning with a unique RL approach.

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About the application CarperAI

CarperAI is a groundbreaking AI research team that is redefining the landscape of preference learning. Born out of EleutherAI, CarperAI is leveraging a representation learning and reinforcement learning (RL) approach to conduct human preference learning at scale.

Background and Development

CarperAI was spun out of EleutherAI with a mission to enhance the performance of preference learning. The team comprises of dedicated researchers and engineers from renowned institutions, each bringing unique expertise to the table.

Core Features and Capabilities

CarperAI's flagship project, CARP, utilizes written stories paired with critiques to create a rich source of data for preference learning. The CARP model, trained on the Story-Critique dataset, produces embeddings of passages and reviews, providing a measure of how well a review fits a story.

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