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Chimera, a Large Language Model (LLM), connects to your data sources, providing real-time insights and dashboards. Tailored for your business, it evolves with your data ecosystem.

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About the application Chimera

Chimera is not just another AI tool. It's your smartest employee, a Large Language Model (LLM) that connects to your data sources and provides real-time insights and dashboards. Unlike generic AI, Chimera is tailored specifically for your business and evolves with your unique data ecosystem.

Background and Development

Chimera is a product of extensive research and development, designed to meet the growing need for intelligent data analysis in businesses. It's built to understand your data and provide insights as if from a seasoned expert.

Core Features and Capabilities

Chimera's core capabilities lie in its ability to connect to various data sources, answer any question in real-time, and build instant dashboards. It's like having a seasoned expert on your team who knows everything about your business.

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