CRANQ is an AI-native automation platform that transforms your prompts into workflow steps, offering time-saving, AI-powered solutions.

Key Details of CRANQ

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  • July 8, 2024
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About the application CRANQ

CRANQ is a groundbreaking tool that brings the power of AI to your workflows. It takes your prompts, simple or complex, and turns them directly into workflow steps, eliminating the need for navigating forms. With CRANQ, you can build audience-boosting workflow steps with ease.

Background and Development

CRANQ is the first 100% AI-native automation platform. It was developed with the aim of making workflow automation more efficient and less dependent on tech support. With CRANQ, problems are diagnosed and fixed on-the-spot, thanks to its AI-powered help.

Core Features and Capabilities

CRANQ offers a range of features including AI logic, looping, and cronjobs & repeating. It also provides a 5MB per step capacity and does not require an OpenAI account. CRANQ also offers a range of AI workflows that can be imported and adapted for your own purposes.

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