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Distribute is an all-in-one workspace for sales professionals, offering features like pre-meeting briefs, proposals, call follow-ups, and more.

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About the application Distribute

Distribute is a comprehensive workspace designed to streamline sales processes. It offers a range of features including pre-meeting briefs, executive summaries, proposals, call follow-ups, mutual action plans, business cases, prospecting videos, personalized deal rooms, and account plans.

Background and Development

Distribute was developed with the aim of simplifying the cluttered tech stacks often found in sales departments. It was designed to be a single platform for the full workflow, allowing users to write, record, edit, collaborate, and share documents, videos, and content with prospects.

Core Features and Capabilities

Distribute offers a range of features including video prospecting, screen recording, deal rooms, mutual action plans, business cases, and publishing. It also provides AI-powered workspaces that can be set up in less than 30 seconds.

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