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Meet Ema, a Universal AI employee that boosts productivity across every role in your organization. Simple, trusted, and accurate.

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  • June 29, 2024
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About the application Ema

Ema is a Universal AI employee designed to enhance productivity in every role within your organization. She is simple to use, trusted, and accurate. Ema is the missing operating system that makes Generative AI work at an enterprise level. Using proprietary Generative Workflow Engine™, Ema automates complex workflows with a simple conversation. She is trusted, compliant and keeps your data safe. EmaFusion™ model combines the outputs from the best models (public large language models and custom private models) to amplify productivity with unrivaled accuracy. See how Ema can transform your business today.

Background and Development

Ema was developed with the belief that everyone could contribute more if there were fewer repetitive tasks and more time for creative thinking. Gen AI offers an unprecedented opportunity to enable this. However, current solutions are inadequate because they are slow, complex, high risk, and have low ROI. Ema is designed specifically to overcome these challenges.

Core Features and Capabilities

Ema connects seamlessly with hundreds of enterprise apps—-no learning curve. Just start asking questions. The guts of your organization—documents, logs, data, code, policies. Ema can work with it all. Ema uses the web for real-time market updates on regulations, emerging trends, and market competition.

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