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GrammarlyGO is an AI communication assistant that understands your context and preferred writing style, helping you ideate, compose, and rewrite effectively.

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About the application GrammarlyGO

GrammarlyGO is a generative AI tool that enhances your writing process across all spaces. It understands your communication context and goals, helping you unblock ideas and accelerate productivity. With GrammarlyGO, you can prompt the generative text feature with basic instructions to get polished drafts in seconds. It also offers a delightful rewriting experience by finding ways to make your writing shine with new versions to consider.

Background and Development

Grammarly has been harnessing advanced technology for over fourteen years to help people become better communicators. Their approach to generative AI continues to put people’s goals first, combining expert human knowledge with technical power to design AI that is augmented—not artificial.

Core Features and Capabilities

GrammarlyGO offers a range of features including customizable profile options for tone, formality, and professional relevance. It also provides ideas or structure delivered straight to the page you’re already on, making brainstorms, outlines, and new perspectives easily accessible.

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