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H2O.ai offers a comprehensive suite of AI tools, including generative AI, data retrieval, and customizable APIs. It stands out for its privacy features and extensive customization options.

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About the application H2O.ai

H2O.ai is a leading platform in the field of Generative AI, offering a suite of tools and services that democratize the use of AI models. The platform is designed to empower users to own their models, both generative and predictive, through its flagship product, h2oGPT.

Background and Development

H2O.ai has a rich history of serving hundreds of Fortune 2000 companies over the past decade. The platform was created by a team of visionary leaders, including 30 Kaggle Grandmasters, and has consistently been recognized as a leader in Gartner MQs. The platform's development has been marked by several successful generations of ML/AI platforms, including H2O-3 and Driverless AI.

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