HARPA AI, a powerful automation agent for Chrome, brings AI to your browser, enhancing productivity and web interaction.

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About the application HARPA AI

HARPA AI is a revolutionary tool that brings the power of artificial intelligence to your browser. As an automation agent for Chrome, it allows users to interact with websites, PDFs, videos, and more in a more efficient and intuitive way. With a 5-star rating on the Chrome Web Store and trusted by over 300,000 professionals, HARPA AI is a reliable and powerful tool that enhances your web experience.

Developed and engineered in Finland, HARPA AI is a product of meticulous design and advanced technology. It works with OpenAI GPT-3 & GPT-4 API, ChatGPT, Claude2, and Google Gemini, providing a hybrid AI engine that delivers top-notch performance.

HARPA AI offers a wide range of features that cater to various needs. It can summarize and reply to emails, rewrite and expand text, read articles, translate web pages, and even scan them for data. It also offers over 100 web-aware commands that can be used for various tasks such as refining your LinkedIn resume, practicing languages, generating SMM hashtags, and writing code.

The user experience with HARPA AI is seamless and intuitive. It can be activated on any website with Alt + A, and it works with various browsers including Chrome, Brave, Opera, Edge, and Firefox. It also offers a quick access bar for easy navigation.

HARPA AI is not just a tool, but a versatile assistant that can adapt to your style. It can mimic your writing style while crafting emails, tweets, LinkedIn cover letters, and SEO-optimized articles of unlimited length. It can also generate long articles, monitor competitor websites, track price drops, and even turn websites into APIs.

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