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Ideator, an AI-powered tool, generates creative variations of interactions or features, enhancing your design process. Explore, iterate, and innovate with Ideator.

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  • June 24, 2024
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About the application Ideator

Ideator is an AI-powered tool designed to stimulate creativity and innovation in the design process. It generates variations of an interaction or a feature without changing its main function, allowing users to explore different perspectives and possibilities.

Background and Development

Ideator is a product of, a team exploring the intersection of AI and UX design. The tool is a result of their innovative experiments, aiming to augment the design process with the power of AI.

Core Features and Capabilities

Ideator offers a range of features including iterations, 'What If' scenarios, user flows, POV, features, scenarios, and constraints. Users can input a feature or an interaction, such as a sign-up flow for an app, and Ideator generates creative variations of it.

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