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Illustroke is an advanced generative AI design tool that creates stunning vector illustrations, logos, and icons from text prompts in seconds.

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About the application Illustroke

Illustroke is a revolutionary AI design tool that transforms simple text prompts into stunning vector illustrations. It's an innovative solution for creating website illustrations, logos, and icons in a matter of seconds. With over 1 million illustrations created, Illustroke is changing the way we design.

Background and Development

Illustroke was developed by Digitalbore OU, a company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of AI technology. The tool was born out of a desire to simplify the design process and make high-quality vector illustrations accessible to everyone.

Core Features and Capabilities

Illustroke stands out for its ability to generate images in vector format (SVG), offering many advantages over traditional pixel-based (PNG) images. Users can scale images without loss, change colors and shapes, print in high quality, and apply animation. The average file size of an Illustroke image is just 50kB, compared to 500kB for a PNG.

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