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Lumiere3D is a browser-based, no-code platform for creating AI-generated 3D product videos in minutes.

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About the application Lumiere3D

Lumiere3D is a revolutionary tool that allows users to create stunning 3D product videos with ease. This browser-based, no-code platform is designed to turn ordinary objects into breathtaking 3D models and transform product marketing with stunning 3D scenes and animations.

Background and Development

Lumiere3D was developed with the aim of making 3D product video creation accessible to everyone. The tool leverages advanced AI technology to generate 3D scenes and animations, providing users with a simple and intuitive video editor.

Core Features and Capabilities

Lumiere3D offers a range of features including a 3D scanning app, a web-based app for editing, and an AI operator for creating dynamic camera movements and transitions. The tool also provides a 3D environment for creating captivating scenes for products.

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