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Magic AI is your new AI team mate that understands your data, answers your questions, and helps you create chat bots with no coding required.

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About the application Magic

Magic AI is a revolutionary tool designed to transform the way you interact with your data. It serves as your AI team mate, capable of understanding your data and answering your questions. With Magic AI, you can create your own chat bots without any coding experience.

Background and Development

Magic AI was developed with the vision of making data more accessible and understandable. It's designed to serve as a team mate that knows everything, capable of feeding on your documents and websites to answer all your questions.

Core Features and Capabilities

Magic AI stands out with its ability to aggregate all your documents in one place, allowing you to chat with them or search in them. It supports most popular integrations including Web Site, Notion, Google Drive, PDF, Google Docs, Word, Power Point, Excel, and Markdown.

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