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Muraena is an AI-driven tool that simplifies lead sourcing, offering precise targeting and a vast database of B2B contacts.

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  • July 11, 2024
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About the application Muraena

Muraena is a revolutionary tool that leverages AI to deliver precise and targeted Sales Leads, simplifying the traditionally complex process of lead sourcing.

Background and Development

Muraena was developed with the aim of cutting through the chaos of lead sourcing. The tool has been trusted and used by sales experts all over the world, including Bohdan Ivanov, Maria Grineva, Alex Southworth, and Mikita Mikado.

Core Features and Capabilities

Muraena offers AI-Driven Targeting, allowing users to define their Ideal Customer Profile and let the AI find the highest-priority prospects. The tool covers over 140M+ Professionals and contains a database of 140M+ B2B contacts, 30M companies, 180M emails, and 20M phone numbers. It also provides Funding Insights, Buyer Intent Signals, Technographic Profiles, Indexed Business Domains, and Verified Contact Information.

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