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Muse Pro is an AI-enhanced sketching and painting app that elevates your creativity. It supports Apple Pencil and offers real-time AI guidance.

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  • July 10, 2024
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Muse Pro


About the application Muse Pro

Muse Pro is a revolutionary AI-enhanced sketching and painting app designed to elevate your creativity. This app is your next-generation drawing tool, offering real-time AI guidance and a host of innovative features.

Background and Development

Muse Pro was developed with the vision of integrating AI into the creative process. It's a product of extensive research and development, aiming to provide a seamless and intuitive platform for artists.

Core Features and Capabilities

Muse Pro offers a range of features including real-time AI guidance, support for Apple Pencil, and a diverse brush library. It also includes text-to-image functionality, AI control, and layers for easy experimentation.

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