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Omnisearch is a powerful tool that enhances user experience with lightning-fast internal and website search, no metadata required!

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  • June 24, 2024
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About the application Omnisearch

Omnisearch is a groundbreaking technology that works at lightning speed to unlock your content archive. Trusted by leading e-learning platforms, media companies, and global enterprises, it ensures speedy, accurate, and instant results, surpassing industry standards by over 10 times.

Background and Development

Omnisearch was developed by Stratosphere Technologies Inc. with the aim of improving search experiences. It has grown to support 1.3 million users, index 120,000 documents, and support 27 languages across 5 continents.

Core Features and Capabilities

Omnisearch's core features include content to context search, speech to text, and autocompletion with typo tolerance. It requires no metadata and can find anything you have recorded, making it easier than searching the web.

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