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Project Manda, an AI meeting assistant, enhances productivity by providing insights and action items from meetings. It integrates with your workflow for seamless operation.

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  • June 27, 2024
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Project Manda


About the application Project Manda

Project Manda is an AI meeting assistant designed to improve productivity across businesses. It provides easy-to-understand insights and action items from meetings, helping organizations focus their efforts to improve meeting culture and productivity.

Background and Development

Project Manda was developed with the aim of addressing one of the biggest operating expenses in organizations - meetings. It provides game-changing insights by analyzing your organization's meetings, allowing you to identify patterns and focus energy where it's needed most.

Core Features and Capabilities

Project Manda offers a range of features designed to optimize meeting productivity. These include tracking the use of agendas for expensive meetings, finding the optimal meeting size for proper outcomes, breaking the mold of the default 60-minute meeting, and providing attendee analytics to help get the invite list right.

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